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Privacy Policy

Information We Will Collect About You

For the purposes of operating this site, we collect and store your personal information that is provided by you and other users. This information includes your name, email address, financial information for credit card transactions, as well as demographic information such as your gender, age, location and sexual orientation. We will also collect your interests and any other information you elect to provide.

For Daters Only: You (daters) will have control over the information provided to us on your behalf by your backers (friends and family members selected by you). If you decline the information provided by them, this information will not be collected or stored by us. Your backers will not be able to post anything to your profile unless it has been approved by you.

For Backers: The information you provide on this site on behalf of your friends and family who are daters, will first have to be approved by them before it is posted to the profile. Daters will only be able to provide your email address, relationship to you and the amount of time they have known you in order to link you to their account. If you opt to pay for your dater’s account, we will collect and store your financial information related to this transaction. This, in addition to any information you provide for your dater on the site, is the only personal information we will collect and store on you.

For All Users: We will collect information about your internet use on our site, such as your IP address, browser, access time, language/country of origin, and possibly any cookies previously accepted from our site. We will only use cookies to track your activity on our site, which will help us improve your user experience. We will not track your use on other sites. We will not use web beacons.

None of your information will be shared with or collected by third parties. We also do not use any of your information for advertising purposes. You will have access to your information at any time by accessing your account and reviewing the information that has been shared by you and others on your behalf. If you delete your account, this information will no longer be collected or stored by us.

Information We Will Collect About Others

For all users: If you invite anyone to love schmove through our site, we will collect and store their email address and name for the purposes of inviting them to use the site. We will not use their email address for any other purpose unless they elect to create an account.

Your Responsibility

It is every user's ultimate responsibility to ensure that they are protecting their personal information and making safe choices when using this site. We use standard practice when incorporating safety measures on love schmove, however, no site can guarantee the security of your information when engaging with others online.